Swimming pool algaecide


Polyquat 1440 is a chlorine-free algaecide for preventive use in small-size pools and fountains with no fish population. Besides the algaecidal effect, it is a flocculant for suspended impurities and a disinfectant.
Before refilling the pool, clean thoroughly to remove any existing algae matter and other impurities which might reduce the effect of the additive. Dose properly and respect the use instructions, then the algaecidal effect will last some 4 to 8 weeks.

Recommended product:

  Solids (%) Viscosity (mPas) pH Density (g/cm³)
Polyquat 1440 20 + 1 150-700 6.0-8.5 1.03-1.05

Polyquat 1440 is available on request also in other specifications (solids, viscosity, pH, density).